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Huey Harris
"From Pusher to Preacher...
Saved by an End Time Vision"



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About This Testimony:

Pastor/Evangelist Huey Harris Amazing Testimony (1st Story)

Pastor Huey Harris has not always been a man of God. He grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. Born on January 15  with no godly guidance and influence in his life he began to grow up watching his mother in and out of state and federal prison. His father was on crack cocaine and in 1990 his oldest brother Olingo which was eighteen at the time died after swallowing crack. He was running from the cops to avoid the cocaine being found during a traffic stop.

Pastor Harris was only twelve when he started selling crack cocaine for his grandmother. He wanted to attend the school dance later to find out he had no money. Pastor Harris asked his grandmother for two dollars instead of giving him the money she told him to take the white stuff and give it to the people who drove up. His first customer was his 7th grade school teacher. He made ten dollars for every twenty dollar worth of crack he sold. When Pastor Harris was fifteen he joined a gang he began to do drive by shootings. He was picked up for capitol murder when he was seventeen in which a young man was shot in the head. Pastor Harris ran fifth teen crack houses beginning at age nineteen.

Pastor Harris has a powerful story and testimony. When he was twenty-two he was shot three times and left for dead. At the age of twenty-three he was facing 10yrs to life for drug dealing. At the age of twenty- six of 2001 he was on top of the drug game. He had ten or more cars, women, and bags of money. He would spend two thousand dollars a night at night clubs, but would still leave the club feeling empty and with no peace on the inside. On several attempts to seek local pastor's for advice during a time when he felt God drawing him, There was no help a man could do for him, If there would be any help for him it would have to come directly from God. So that forced him to go back into his old lifestyle, But not for long because his prayers was answered on April 6, 2001. Pastor Huey Harris states,

"I cried to God to change my life, and fourteen years later that change came"   

On April 6, 2001. Pastor Huey Harris was leaving The Rose Supper Club, Former "Top Flight"around 3:00AM, When God showed him three visions of the judgment day of the lost. The first vision he recall seeing young and old running around and God sent fire down from the sky.The second vision the earth was dark he also recall seeing dead bones and vapor from the smoke covering the earth. The third and final vision the earth was beautiful the water was pure. After this God encounter the Lord told him am taking you out of this hellish lifestyle to be a witness about my son. The next day he preached the gospel to his mother and father. He went throughout the whole city declaring that all people must repent and turn to Jesus. At first people thought he was crazy.Then after a period of faithful works declaring Gods word thousands of people began to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. After pastoring, for two years and seeing five thousand people have the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them, and delivered from the power of darkness.

The Lord spoke these words to him. Leave your home town and move to Cleveland,Ohio. Now Pastor Harris travels the United States sharing the gospel and preaching the word of God to millions around the world.

On November 15th 2005 Pastor  Harris appeared on American Family in Wasington, DC millions was touched and a church was birth from this televise. On February 7, 2008 Pastor Harris was on The 700 Club sharing his testimon.While sharing his testimony, As of today 3,300 soul's called in to accept Jesus as Savior. On October 13th 2007 Pastor Huey Harris was on HelpLine TV in Los Angeles,California with Dr Morris Cerullo. Pastor Huey Harris is the founder of Huey Harris Ministries and Word Of Life International Church along with other ministries he is overseer.            

Pastor/Evangelist Huey Harris Amazing Testimony (2nd Story)

The sound of a trumpet awoke Huey Harris on April 5, 2001, his last night as a drug dealer. Harris looked out of his bedroom window in Montgomery, Ala., and saw people of all races running without direction, screaming and crying. Fire appeared to be streaming down from the heavens. Harris felt himself lifted out of his body.

"I'm getting ready to destroy this world full of sin," Harris heard the voice of God telling him. Few believed "Shockey", as he was known on the street had truly changed his life.
He would start his own church in Montgomery, and his persistence and amazing testimony would make him known nationally, with articles in church publications and appearances on Trinity Broadcasting Network and at a Billy Graham crusade in South Carolina.

On a recent 90-degree night, the 6-foot-2-inch, 255-pound preacher towels sweat from his face as he leads Bible study on an asphalt driveway in the back of a modest home in Maple Heights. His kingdom, which once included several crack houses and a stable of cars and women, now consists of a dozen people ignoring the heat and the roar of a neighbor's motorcycle.

"Are you ready?" he says. "I'm going to bless your socks off." In the second vision on the night that changed his life in 2001, Harris was walking atop coals smoldering over a blackened Earth. Harris felt himself crunching the bones of skeletons of those who turned away from God's word.

But God does not leave Harris in the burning embers of an ashen Earth. In the third and final part of the vision in 2001, Harris was surrounded by beautiful flowers and intense blue water. God told him, "Go and tell the whole city of Montgomery and all the world that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Go back to the drug dealers, the prostitutes and the gang members."

Religious visions have guided the eventful life of Pastor Huey Harris, 30. He began selling crack at age 12 and was regularly expelled from school for weapons. He would be shot three times and involved in a murder before being transformed from drug dealer to evangelist.

 There was one more vision to come. One that Harris says goes back to the biblical patriarch Abraham. God would appear to him again and tell him to give up all that he had built in Alabama and go to Cleveland. This spring he moved to Lorain, Ohio.

On a humid Monday night in mid-June, he stands in front of a vacant store between a lingerie shop and a Wendy's on Warrensville Center Road in Maple Heights. Beside him are Robert and Derek Whatley, ages 18 and 19, two brothers who have joined his ministry.
The three men are getting ready to clean and refurbish the back of the empty store to convert it into a church. The brothers and other members of the church say Harris is different from other pastors. He knows what life on the street is like and is ready with words of love and forgiveness instead of a message of condemnation they associate with other pastors.

"Me personally, I wanted a dude who was a pure preacher. Most preachers, you don't know where they come from," Derek said. "He is more real to the young people," said his brother Robert. "He is more real. He doesn't lie. And you need the truth."

He has spent his first days in the Cleveland area in large part talking to kids in schools, visiting the projects and rehab centers and preaching in front of liquor stores. "Being a Christian is not an easy job. It's a fight," Harris tells his congregation.

"The only way you're going to overcome this wicked world is to put God first. If you're going to a club, go to a club to preach Jesus. If you're going to hang out with homeboys smoking blunts, hang out with them to preach Jesus."              


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