"Ali's Dramatic Conversion...
How Jesus Changed this Alcohol Addict Muslim!"

Language: Arabic with English Subtitles. Duration: 40:07
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Ali (Turkey)
"A Jesus Encounter "

"Ali (Turkey) - This Turkish man in bondage to alcohol saw Jesus in a dream and his life was changed forever. Desperate, he moved to Saudi Arabia” a place where alcohol is forbidden. However, upon his arrival, he found liquor there. He then made the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and to be led in the way of a true Muslim. To his surprise, he met Jesus Christ instead."

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"While certain details have been altered for the sake of dramatization, the following
story has been carefully researched for authenticity and is presented as it happened."


---Ali's Testimony---

Arabic Version


Ali is the oldest of nine children but he doesn’t have many warm memories of being part of such a large family.  They teased him and said that he looked different than everyone else in the family.  His mother said she hated him and that he was the child who resembled her the least.  He always felt rejected by his family and cried a lot as a child.

For four months every year, Ali worked as a shepherd.  This began when he was eight years old and continued until he was 18.  He took the sheep to the mountains and since he spent a lot of time alone he wanted someone to talk to so he “created a god” in his heart.  This god was like a friend to Ali.  Ali would have lengthy conversations with him saying things like, “How beautiful are your creations,” as he looked at the flowers, the sun, the rocks and the grass.  He would also ask this god questions like, “Where does an apple’s sweetness come from?” because he believed that there was a God who made everything good.    

When he was 20, he started drinking alcohol.  By the time he was 25, he was an alcoholic.  Sometimes he started drinking before nine in the morning.  When he arrived home, his wife often asked him if he had been drinking.  This made him angry so he began beating her daily.  His children witnessed this abuse and were afraid to come home after school so they would often go to a friend’s house until they knew their father was asleep.  Ali wanted to stop drinking and he felt bad that he was abusing his wife.  He decided to move to Saudi Arabia to work in construction because he’d heard that alcohol was forbidden there.   However, the first night he was in Saudi Arabia he found alcohol and drank it.

Although Ali wasn’t a religious man—his family said they were Muslims but they didn’t really know much about the religion—he  decided to go to Mecca, hoping that this would free him from alcoholism.  He says, “I made a decision in my heart.  I am going to be a true pilgrim.  I am going to be a true Muslim and I will quit drinking.”  The first night he was at Mecca, Ali had a dream.  In the dream, Jesus took Ali’s hand and said, “You belong to me.”  He also put His finger on Ali’s forehead and said, “You need to leave this place and go right now.”  When Ali woke up, he felt like he was floating so he touched the carpet to make sure that he was still on the ground.  He continued to hear Jesus’ voice saying, “You need to come with me.  You belong to me.”  Ali’s friends saw a shiny spot on his forehead where Jesus had touched him, but when Ali looked in the mirror, he couldn’t see it.  (This spot on his forehead looked like “sim,” a glittery type of makeup that Turkish brides wear.)

Ali decided to continue his pilgrimage.  However, his one-month old car would not start.  He kept hearing Jesus’ voice saying, “You need to go from here.”  Once he changed his mind and decided to leave Mecca, his car started.  He went home to his apartment and heard the same voice again.  This time Jesus told him that he should go back to Turkey.  Within three days, he was at a “welcome home” party in Turkey.  Again, he heard the voice.  This time, Jesus told him to tell everyone at the party that he was now a Christian.  He did this, but the people didn’t really take him seriously. 

It wasn’t until several years after the dream that Ali began to understand what it really meant to be a Christian.  He was listening to the radio when he heard a voice say, “Jesus died, rose from the dead after three days and is seated at the right hand of the Father.”  He called for his wife and told her that he had found the voice of Jesus—inside the radio.  Through this radio program, he received Bible study material and a New Testament.  He was 38 years old at the time and says the day he received the New Testament in the mail was “maybe the happiest moment of my life.”  After completing various correspondence courses, Ali and his family moved to Istanbul so he could attend Bible school.

He continues to share his Christian faith openly and unashamedly.  Alcohol no longer has dominion over him, and he cherishes the wife he once treated so badly.  Truly, he has become a “new creation in Christ.”



God told in Joel 2:28 "And it shall come to pass afterward,that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,your old men shall dream dreams,and your young men shall see visions"

This is what's happening in these last days.

Muslims are Encountering Jesus In Unusual Dreams all Over the World!

Reported that among African Muslims, "42 percent of the new believers come to Christ through visions, dreams, angelic appearances and hearing God's voice."

"A follower of Jesus from Guinea tells of a person in white who appeared to him in a dream, calling him with outstretched arms,"

"A Muslim from Malaysia saw her deceased Christian parents in a dream, celebrating in Heaven. Jesus, in a white robe, told her, "If you want to come to me, come!" She did.

"A member of the Yakan people in Basilan Province dreamed that the Prophet Mohammed could not look Jesus in the eye. When he told his cousin, a Christian, of the dream, his cousin told him that the dream meant that Jesus is greater than Mohammed."

Muslims worldwide who have reported dreams of Jesus and now follow Isa al Masih as their Savior

"...In the dream, Jesus told me to come to Him and read the Bible and He would show me the way, truth and the life..."

"...I saw some Christians standing in line to get into Heaven. I tried to get into this line also, but a very tall being blocked my path and I started to cry because the side I was on was really horrible but the side they were on was a beautiful place, so beautiful, so blue..."

"...I went back to bed after a short prayer and saw a second dream. This time it was Jesus as I saw him in the Jesus film years ago and I had trashed his video. He was hanging on the cross, the nails were in his hands and feet, yet he was smiling at me and talking to me. Though he was dying he seemed so beautiful. The cross was huge and I seemed like a little boy. My neck was falling back trying to see the whole face of Jesus and suddenly a huge big circle of light came from above the cross and down upon me..."


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"His office has received thousands of letters from Muslims," says Bright. "Many tell of a dream they had: `I saw Jesus. He declared to me "I am the way."

"A fanatical Muslim woman had spent four years in prison for her political activities. While there, Jesus appeared to her in her cell. He personally explained redemption and the gospel. She is now on the Campus Crusade staff, totally sold out to reaching her Muslim people for her Savior."


A typical "Jesus dream or vision" with innumerable variations is usually described by Muslims as a peaceful face that they somehow recognize as Jesus. Often they encounter a compassionate figure in a white robe, calling them to come to Him. Sometimes His hands and arms are extended wide, or Jesus reaches toward them in love and invitation. Many dreams are preparatory experiences to encourage Muslims with the possibility of following Jesus.


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