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by Mary Jo Pennington

Victoria, a 4 1/2 year old child fell off of a pool slide. As she fell, an angel lifted her into the air and gently set her on the ground. However, during this moment in eternity, she was taken to the throne room of God. She was sent back and tells about her experience from the perspective of a child.

Little Victoria

The following is an excerpt from the book 6 Big, Big, Big Angels.

She was visiting Majo one day when she told Majo about a tiny little baby she could hold cupped in her small hands.

Victoria played with her doll baby for a little while and then continued the startling revelation of the babies in heaven.

She told me in a very small voice, "There was another little tiny baby in that room...Her was brand new... Her was squeezed out of her mommy before her was able to live... Her didn't have a name so I gived her mine... Victoria... Well... I still have mine... But I named her Victoria, too... Her is from here."

I calmed myself and asked quietly, "She is from Brandon?"

Victoria said softly, "Yes, you know... Her stay with Tom."

I asked,"Tom who?" She said, "You know, Uncle Tommy."

My heart began to pound heavily in my chest and I asked her, "Is she kin to Uncle Tommy?"

Then Victoria said, "Kinda. Victoria is kinda kin to Uncle Tommy."

I asked her, "Could Uncle Tommy be Little Victoria's Grandfather?"

Victoria answered very quietly, "Yes, Uncle Tommy is her Grandfather."

She continued, "Her was sad... so I went over and hold her and hugged her... and talked to her a little and her gotted better."

I asked her, "What did you tell her?"

Victoria told me, "I can't tell you now. It's a secret. I will tell you one day.

I could scarcely take it in. I knew about this baby.

A couple who have been our good friends for years had only weeks before lost their first grandchild to abortion. They had privately told Grandpa and me about this tragic loss just shortly before Victoria fell. They were devastated.

I then asked her a hard question, "Victoria, do the babies hold it against their mommies for giving them up?"

Victoria looked up at me, smiled sweetly and answered without hesitation, "The mommies never give up the babies. They will always love the babies... and the babies will always love the mommies."